There are many good foods in Malaysia, one of the best combinations are teh tarik and roti canai. Teh Tarik is milk tea with a twist, its name comes from how it’s made! “Tarik” means “pull”. By cooling a brew of hot tea and milk through the process of pouring and “pulling” it between two cups, it lets a lot of air bubbles into the drink, creating a rich, frothy Teh Tarik. 


Roti canai is a common snack in Malaysia. It’s made from dough, which is made from fat, flour and water. To create layers, they repeatedly knead, flatten, oil and fold before proofing. That means they let the dough rest and rise a final time before frying it to cook and get a crispy outer layer, and if you order one with fillings inside, the skin perfectly complements the soft flavour and texture inside. 


Both of these are a 10/10 from me, if you ever get the chance I hope you can try them out too!

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