Brand Personality


ETA Holdings Co., Ltd. was founded in Labuan, Malaysia in 2018. Yasu Carlos Kikuta, ETA CEO, brought ETA to live by connecting arts and music to business and technology. Carlos graduated from Faculty of Music, Tokyo University of the Arts, and was full-fledged experienced in Sony Music Entertainment and Sony Corporation. His experiences would tell you that the roots of the highest technology is the craftsmanship of art and music.

Our CEO believes that when technology comes with arts, it creates infinite impossibility. That’s the motto that drives ETA Holdings to foresee the bright future of technology. We truly believe that the craftsmanship of our engineers with the sense of arts can create powerful technologies that help people around the world.
We assemble only the excellent technologies to contribute to the community, society and the world. Our CEO truly believes the potential of Southeastern Asian countries would be one of the great kickstarts for our business and innovation to influence globally.


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