Date: 24 January 2022


Yasu Carlos Kikuta sent loves to Xi Le Er Special Children Care Center before Chinese New Year with ETA Holdings team members and PALS charity group.


CEO of ETA Holdings, Mr. Yasu Carlos Kikuta visited Xi Le Er Special Children Care Center located in Johor Bahru with ETA holdings team, and PALS charity group on 24 January 2022. Mr. Yasu Carlos Kikuta believes that ETA Holdings should act the role to contribute to the society in needs in the beginning of the years. This is one of ETA corporate social responsibility programs, it brings supports and love to the special needs community. Our CEO believes, we should get involved in charity when we are possible to contribute our parts and plays the roles to the community.

Xi Le Er Special Children Care centre is a non-profit organisation which is officially registered with Malaysia government located in Johor Jaya. It takes care of children with multiple disabilities regardless the race and religion. Their priority is to provide helps to the special need children below 18 years old with a shelter and teach them from basic daily living skills to working ability. They believe in FTTJ (Foster, Teach, Therapy and Joy) and Cheerful heart is the best medicine for the children’s soul.

During the visitation, Mr. Yasu Carlos Kikuta was brought for a centre tour to understand Malaysia special children, the centre’s need and the operation. He donated necessity items to support centre operation during the post-pandemic time, He also gave “Ang Pow”, a red packet of blessings given by seniors to juniors during Chinese New Year, to the children in house, the children happily received the red packets and thanked to Mr Yasu Carlos Kikuta. The children were in joy and happiness for this blessing and visited by the group.

“It’s our blessings that we are able to help the underprivileged community, we should tried our best to contribute to the people in needs,” said Mr Yasu Carlos Kikuta, and wish the society could carry on bringing warmth, care and empathy to the special needs people.